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Unification - Duplicate Users

Question asked by Sabthami S on Aug 10, 2016
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We have two identity collector with the source for one IDC1 as HR CSV file and the source for  other IDC2 as e Directory. The new user record first comes from HR CSV file after that it might take around two to three days delay for the same record to get updated in  eDirectory. Once the unification runs, the new user record comes into VIA first from IDC1(i.e.,from HR CSV).After that once the same user get updated in eDirectory, after the unification process as per our under standing only one user record will be created in VIA with the unified data. But in our case a new user is getting created and the previous version of user getting marked as deleted (Is Deleted is Set as 'Yes').And also the Termination date value of the old record(deleted one ) & First Seen On date of unified new record is set to the same time stamp value.We have create user option enabled for both the IDC's. Please refer the attached screenshots for your kind reference. Could anyone please let me know the reason why its happening so ?


Many Thanks in advance !



Sabthami Subramanian