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VLC 10.4.0 to Log Hybrid & SA 10.6 - What's the process?

Discussion created by Deepanshu Sood on Aug 11, 2016
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I have one VLC v10.4.02 which was earlier connected with the SA server (now SA server doesn't exists), so now I have added the same VLC on the new SA server v10.6.1.0 & then added the VLC onto the Log Hybrid server v


But after the above activity, I am not able see any logs are coming from the VLC to the Log Hybrid, log hybrid is only collecting the logs from the windows legacy machine. So just want to know that the Log Hybrid doesn't supports the older version of VLC to collect the logs? Because I have created the certificates on the VLC and also added the IP address of new SA server & also the SA server was able to discover the VLC, but I have no idea that why the Log Hybrid is unable to collect the logs.


And to resolve the above issue I thought to troubleshoot & to upgrade the VLC onto the same version of Log Hybrid, but unable to do the same by following the upgrade procedure as mentioned in the document. So I tried to make an custom repository on the VLC (it was suggested by a RSA support member) to get it updated to and then and then and then disable custom repo and then use the SA local repo to get it upgraded from 10.5 version to 10.6.10 by using the upgrade package of latest 10.6 packages.


But I tried many times to make an custom repo on the VLC and upload the packages of 10.4.1, but I am unable to achieve it.


So just want to know is anybody can suggest me that how to upgrade the VLC which is on a older version but connected to the SA on the latest version & suggest if the custom repo creation for upgrading is the only option then how I can do it to achieve the target.


Note: But we want the VLC on the latest version & the event sources which are already integrated should also keep collecting the logs after upgrading the version of the VLC on 10.6.


Many many thanks in advance.



Deepanshu Sood.