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RSA Authentication Manager 8.1 DB ERDs

Question asked by Abrom Douglas III on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by Ted Barbour

Where can I find the database schema or ERDs for the PostgreSQL DB that AM 8.1 uses?  I am currently integrating RSA Via L&G (7.0) with RSA AM 8.1.  I have already created a read only user in the postgresql db on the AM box and I am successfully able to pull data into L&G through the built connector, but I have no idea to know what to pull into L&G.  


I am primarily wanting to bring back all Administrative Roles within RSA AM into RSA Via L&G.  I'd prefer not to create yet another read only user and add my computer's IP address into the pg_hba.conf file just to only do data analysis on RSA AM's postgresql DB.