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How to aggregate emails of offline applications in a role request

Question asked by Jorn Luttikhold on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2016 by Mostafa Helmy

We have the following situation. We've on-boarded several offline applications to RSA L&G version 6.9.1 (with offline we mean that email requests will be sent by RSA to our access control department to create/add accounts/entitlements for these applications). The most of these applications have their own application specific fulfillment workflow.


A lot of the entitlements for these applications are added to roles. Now when a role is requested for a user, with all the different entitlement for different applications, each application(entitlement) will start his own fulfillment workflow after the approval. The result is that all ‘Create account’ action emails and ‘Add entitlement’ action emails are send separately to the access control department. So each email contain one action(this construction is created for when 1 application entitlement is requested), which results in a lot of actions/emails when a role is requested with e.g. 20 entitlements and 10 different applications. Now is their wish to get one email with all the account change actions(Create account & Add entitlement) per user, instead of all the separate emails.


I hope someone has an idea to help us out with this.