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Do you like your Cisco ASA with a side of ExtraBacon ?

Discussion created by Eric Partington Employee on Aug 22, 2016
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There was a little ruckus on the internet last week about some tools that may or may not be associated with Equation Group.  Regardless of their origin, some of those tools were tested and were confirmed to do be effective.  I figured that it might be an interesting training exercise to see what could be done with NetWitness packets to locate one of those exploits called ExtraBacon (which now has a Cisco CVE).


Hunting the internets for a suitable PCAP, I found one here to test with: xorcat: equationgroup

wireshark looks like this and matching the description from the blog post from xorcat we can see that the first 4 are the probe and auth disable and the last two are the auth re-enable.



Taking that pcap and writing an import script to replay it into my packet decoder to so I could see what it looks like got me this which relates to the first two line in wireshark.



So lets turn that into an application rule to warn us when we see those three snmp.oid values being queried together along with get and response actions. 


snmp.oid='' && snmp.oid='' && snmp.oid='' && action='get' && action='response'


and for the second two lines in the wireshark output


action='get' && action='response' && snmp.oid='',''


Add those to your packet decoder, alert into a metakey of your choice (I used alert)


Run the pcap, and check for output into the alert metakey for hits on the application rules



So it looks like we now have something to alert on for this potential exploit.  Hopefully your SNMP and admin is done via a segmented management network which helps to mitigate this threat but if you don't....


What if we wanted to take this and use ESA to create a correlation rule to take these application rules and link them together ?


which looks for the probe snmp command followed by the exploit snmp command for the same ip.src within one minute.  You could choose to alert as a cef log message to either NetWitness Logs or another SIEM product for further correlation, alerting or archiving.


How have you implemented alerting for this expoit ? discuss below ...