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SecureID for RRAS 2012 R2 SSTP\L2TP

Question asked by 8YzanXGl7EikKJNbldtGQRQqAoRwaSxP1IEvK6IgAD8= on Aug 22, 2016
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we have an following network infrastructure (two offices in one AD Domain, all servers are virtualized):

Now i have to implement two-factor authentication for VPN. I have few beginner questions:


Do i have to install RSA Authentication Manager 8.2 for central management of Tokens and users?
Where i have to install Authentication Manager 8.2? on VPN servers or on RADIUS servers?
Do i have to install Authentication Manager 8.2 in each network or only one will be enough?


Is it necessary to open some ports on Router for SecureID?


Do i have to install RSA SecurID Software Token 5.0 on each client PC (outside from LAN) if user will use software Token?
That i have to install on client PC if user will use hardware Token?


Thank you very much.