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Unable to locate from RSA IMG 6.9.1 Patch 16 Release

Question asked by Vijayabaskar Balakrishnan Employee on Aug 25, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by Vijayabaskar Balakrishnan

After the untar as per the below instruction from RSA IMG up-gradation guide:


Uncompress and untar the file. Run the following commands:
   a. cd /home/oracle
   b. tar zvxf Aveksa_<VersionNumber>_P<PatchNumber>.tar.gz // it doesnt work either; used "tar -jxvf " to untar the file.
Log in as root and run the installation script in the directory created in Step 4. Run
the following commands:
   a. cd /home/oracle/Aveksa_<VersionNumber>_P<PatchNumber>
   b. sh - unable to locate this as we do not have the above mentioned directory under home/oracle.


tar file has been downloaded from the below link.


RSA Announces the Availability of RSA Identity Management and Governance 6.9.1 Patch 16