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Filter Only Users from AD

Question asked by Pxq29xbhWZSWjAVokVsH996MxmP0VVIA9MwOwBFfocw= on Aug 28, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2017 by Armel Lupapi

I am working on RSA Via 7.0.0 and collecting users from AD.


At customer environment, there is a specific OU= A , under A there are OUs fro departments.

Under each department, there are OUs for Computers,Groups, Others and Users

I only wanna fetch users from all departments.So in filter , I have given (&(objectClass=user)(objectClass=person))


But it is collecting computers, groups, others as well. Because for them also objectClass=user ,objectClass=person


How to filter only users?


I thought of checking mail attribute in filter but even non-users are having email.