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VLC Syslog Warnings

Question asked by Hari Rumbay on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by Sravan Koneti

We are getting bombarded on an VLC with these error messages , any sights on what braked up from the syslog input . 


[syslog-udp.udp514] [processing] [Receiver WorkUnit] [processing] Unidentified content from 10.x.x.x received on receiver: '2016-08-31 08:15:10 [96191] <warning>  reason=feed.ingress.hit type=module md5=DE7796EA41XXXXXXXXX'


Aug 31 07:14:05 NwLogCollector[27614]: [TCPConnector] [warning] Event data length is 0. This event will be ignored. Event data: Event: collection_meta: "lc.lpid" : "syslog.syslog-udp""lc.cid" : "VLC01""lc.msgtype" : "0""lc.ctype" : "syslog""lc.wuid" : "175""lc.esname" : "udp514""lc.estype"