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Workflow query times out when saving

Question asked by PBgU0s2gYsClHhfcLZ6QSIKKNS2xVwjBuAqPVfbPYsg= on Aug 31, 2016

I am trying to update a query in one of my Aveksa workflows, and it's giving me a timeout error every time I click "OK" or "apply" to save it.  It's a fairly large query and it takes about 150 seconds to execute in SQL Developer from my laptop, so I'm thinking this has something to do with the size of the query.



Exception returned from the HTTPPostMessage send

Error code = 1

Error message = ScriptExecutePvt.executeData() returned an error. Message: Transaction rolled back; nested exception is: javax.transaction.TransactionRolIedbackException: Transaction is ended due to timeout

I am running Aveksa version: P10 


Anyone ever run into this before, and if yes, were you able to fix it?


Note: We have experienced this before when our session expired while editing workflows.  I have already tried logging out/in and the error still occurs with a fresh session in the application.