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User account has expired - how to revert it back

Discussion created by Kenny Kim Employee on Sep 4, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by Naushad Kasu

I've experienced an access deny saying "your account has expired"

The account was "admin" account also other accounts also has been denied when trying a SA UI log in attempt.


Right before admin sign in, customer changed a security setting such as "password security policy"

After the change, all user accounts has been denied.


In this scenario, all user accounts not following the new security policy has been denied.

There is some steps you can take a action to recover.


1. SSH to SA server

2. cd /var/lib/netwitness/uax/db

3. stop jettysrv

4. cp platform.h2.db ~/

5. rm platform.h2.db

6. unzip platform.h2.db.backup.<latest file backed up>.zip

7. start jettysrv

8. Log in to SA UI again.

9. change your account's password according to new security policy.


Plz leave any comments if you find any wrong information above, i am happy to hear you any time.