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Multiple interfaces selection and promiscuous

Discussion created by Kenny Kim Employee on Sep 7, 2016
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When setting up capturing interface during decoder installation,

There is something useful if you know what happen under the hood of decoder.


[Network Interfaces] - S5 gear

standard interfaces: em1(IXGBE), em2(IXGBE), em3(management), em4

pfring interface: p2p1, p2p2 (10G interfaces)


I'd like to cover or discuss how to configure capturing interfaces based on each scenario below.



Scenarios #1

- 10G traffic via pfring + 1G traffic via packet_mmap


Scenarios #2

- 1G traffic on em3 (HTTP and others) + 1G traffic over em4 (SMTP only)


Does this scenario reflect your environment? if not, plz add your environment.