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Migration 6.9 to 7.0_P04

Question asked by Sabthami S on Sep 8, 2016
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Hi All,


We have a requirement  like we need to migrate the data from HardAppliance_1 which is running Aveksa 6.9 to the another HardAppliance_2 running VIA L&G 7.0_P04. We have done a fresh 7.0 installation on the HardAppliance_2.Now our need is to migrate the data from HardAppliance_1 to HardAppliance_2. We are done with generating the migration reports and eliminated the error data in HardAppliance_1 environment .As per my understanding we need to export the DB from HardAppliance_1 and import it in HardAppliance_2.By doing so whether it will import all the data's and does that means migration is completed ?


Anyone have experience in working with the same case.If so please let me know you views or the issues that you face while migration and prerequisites  before migrating data.


Note: Both are RSA supplied Hard Appliance.


Many thanks in advance !



Sabthami Subramanian