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Need some help with the RSA Token Management

Question asked by Randy LaCroix on Sep 9, 2016
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I have RSA Account Manager installed and configured with both Primary and Replica (running RSA AM 8.2). I have also installed the AD MMC Snap-in tool to associate it with MS Active Directory. I should mention this is all in a Virtual Environment. When  I select a user in AD, then select the RSA Token Management icon I get an "Unable to connect to  command Server. In settings I believe the  AM server Host and Ports as well as Command ports are correct. I select the samAccountName (Under authentication Information) and User Password (note, I am logged  into Active Directory as Admin and RSA AM as a Super Admin); When I click on Test Authentication I get the following error:


RBA/ODA feature is not licensed. Principle cannot be enabled for RBA/ODA


Searching I did find this work around 000033055 - RBA-ODA-feature-is-not-licensed-error-while-running-sync-tokens-utility in RSA Authentication Manager 8.1. I ran the command from the command line and while I did not receive any errors indicating that anything was wrong, when I went back to Test Authentication I get the same RBA/ODA error as before. Please help.#