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SA IM DB problem

Question asked by 0dx62B9W8I7DNzgXJlXGyiwXDM803aVLyOfoKQKnwRc= on Sep 12, 2016
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I am facing a problem during the configuration and integration between RSA Security Analytics (version 10.6.1) Incident Management and RSA Archer with SecOps 1.3.

These are our appliances names and IPs

mlnsasrv  SA Server    IP x.x.x.166

mlnsaesa ESA Server  IP x.x.x.168


Actually we have this error while accessing the Incident Management->Configure page on the SA GUI:

Failed to authenticate to database [im], username = [rsaimusr], password = [********]


In the SA IM Log we have these errors

Failed to authenticate to database [im], username = [rsaimusr], password = [********]

Could not connect to database x.x.x.168:27017/im


On the SA IM Service Information (View->System) I have this values:

Hostname           mlnsasrv

Home Directory  /opt/rsa/im

The /opt/rsa/im directory is present on the SA Server but not on the ESA Server.


If I test the port indicated in the SA IM Config page is working as reported below

[root@mlnsasrv ~]# curl http://x.x.x.168:27017

You are trying to access MongoDB on the native driver port. For http diagnostic access, add 1000 to the port number

[root@mlnsasrv ~]#

Any idea on what's the problem?