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Rehire Configuration Process

Question asked by Sean Pintaric Employee on Sep 12, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by Sean Pintaric

I'm working on a Rehire process for a client which involves the re-enablement of disabled accounts with a 21-day window.  After which, these accounts become deleted.


The initial disabling of account happens using a 'Provisioning - Termination Rule' happening immediately (ran after unification).  Deletion of accounts is set to 21-days.


When this rule detects a terminated user, 2 CR's appear to be created immediately after unification - one for the disabling of accounts, and a second for the deletion of accounts on a 21-day timer.


My question is, if a User becomes re-active (rehired) within this 21-day window, will this second CR be 'Cancelled' by the System, or will I have to create some custom process to detect and kill these CR's?


Thanks in advance.