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Promote replica to master and rebuild old applicance as replica

Question asked by fDjRQ2n9q2Uc5qwwFAQc1Pfh7MHoBBVCItdH7d3CUvY= on Sep 12, 2016
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I am in the process of making sure that nothing in our environment hits the primary node.  We ordered a new appliance and added it as a replica.  Is it possible to promote the new replica to Primary and take the old primary node and make it just a replica?  Will a reset of the appliance need to be done on the old primary or will it be downgraded to a replica once the new Primary is complete?  I am trying to plan this out before I do it.  Since the old primary has a lot of applications tied to that ip, I did not what to move all the applications. 






Primary (New Appliance promoted replica)---replica (old primary)---replica


Thank you for your time and help.