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Standard agent does not speak with RSA AM 8.1

Question asked by PIr6xmJKcCSMhSqE2LsZ5PpTyMwBOdqvMBwYQZqgVdU= on Sep 13, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2016 by Andre Locker



Authentication Activity monitor shows no communication between the RSA agent and RSA AM.

RSA Agent was working fine before...have no idea about any changes that caused the problem.

If I compare with other instances on separate environnment, I noticed that RSA AM listen on ports 5550 and 5580.

This is not the case on the defect environment.

We have only one instance (no replica).
All RSA AM services are up, but something seems to be sleeping...a service on RSA AM that does not listen on port 5550 and 55580.

We have no Firewall between the agent and the RSA AM. The Windows firewall is unactive on the agent side.

We have RSA AM 8.1 .