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RSA VIA - Create a RADIUS Profile

Question asked by Andrea Saldamarco on Sep 14, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2016 by Andrea Saldamarco

Dear Support,

I'm working on integration beetwen RSA VIA with RSA Authentication Manager.

Within the Authenticaion Manager I created two radius profile:

  • Radius-Profile-SYSADM
  • Radius-Profile-USERS


RSA VIA is associated with a Acrive Directory customer in order to collect all domain information. Into the Active Directory I created two Group (imported in RSA VIA):

  • AD-Group-SYSADM
  • AD-Gropu-USERS


I would like to know if using RSA VIA I can automate the association of a radius profile to a user.


According to Active Directory group of the user, RSA VIA will decide the binding to the Radius profile as follow:

  • If the user belongs to the AD-Group-SYSADM => 
    • RSA VIA will bind the user to the Radius Authentication Manager profile called Radius-Profile-SYSADM
  • If the user belongs to the group AD-Group-USERS =>
    • RSA VIA will bind the user to the Radius Authentication Manager profile called Radius-Profile-Users


Thanks so much for your collaboration.

Kind regards

Andrea Saldamarco