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Call to AceContinueAuth() returning invalid value

Question asked by Kyle Orlando on Sep 16, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2016 by Kyle Orlando

According to the RSA Authentication Agent API 8.6 for C Developer's Guide, AceContinueAuth() has 5 possible return values:


  1. ACM_OK = 0 (defined in sdacmvls.h)
  2. ACE_INVALID_ARG = 800 (defined in acclnt.h)
  3. ACE_ERR_INVALID_HANDLE =  101 (defined in acclnt.h 
  4. ACE_NOT_ENOUGH_STORAGE = 750 (defined in acclnt.h)
  5. ACE_TOO_MANY_CALLERS = 700 (defined in acclnt.h)


However, I've encountered a scenario where AceContinueAuth() returns another value that's not listed above: 6, which I'm assuming corresponds to ACM_NEW_PIN_REQURED (defined in sdacmvls.h). The scenario I refer to is Test 1 / 7 for RSA Ready Certification, which tests for if the agent can handle delivering a System Generated PIN. After I enter my username and tokencode, I am asked if I wish to have the system generate a PIN. I enter "y", and that's when AceContinueAuth() returns 6.


Is this some issue with the documentation and/or API, or is there something about what AceContinueAuth() should return that I'm not understanding? I feel like it should be returning ACM_OK = 0.