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SecurID Provisioning through Cisco ASA

Question asked by hAgiM00FsJB6lnIV9OB9fvMoQCr77DbpEyTY0hNciu0= on Sep 28, 2016

I am implementing RSA SecurID 8.1 and I have deployed a primary and secondary server. I want to secure our VPN connections which are handled by a dedicated Cisco ASA 5525. I've read over the documentation but am not clear on something. I only want to provision SecurID for a certain group of vpn users so if I configure the ASA to use SecurID Authentication via Native RSA SecurID UDP Protocol will it apply to all users? How do I ensure that only the users in a specified group are using SecurID authentication? All others should remain on the standard Active Directory challenge/response authentication.




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