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What is interrogated by the L&G system to generate a missing entitlement error in the role analytics tab?

Question asked by Gregory Taft on Sep 28, 2016

I have a role with one entitlement and 45 members.  All but 2 members show on the missing entitlements list.  Hence when I try to remove a user from the role, no activity for the indirect entitlement is generated.  However, I looked back at the request where the users were granted the access and all directs and indirects appear to have completed normally.


Looking at the access tab on the user record shows the direct but no indirect.  When I query the database using the view

PV_USER_ALL_ACCESS for a particular user, the indirect entitlement seems to be correctly associated with the user.   I am at a loss.  This impacts our ability to adequately remove access in a timely manner. 


We are running v 6.9.1 and these are locally managed roles and entitlements. I have opened a support ticket but though someone might have run across this before or know where I might check to ensure the linkage between the User/role/entitlement is correct.