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AM 8.1 - WSDL "LinkPrincipalsToProfileCommand"

Question asked by Andrea Saldamarco on Sep 28, 2016

Dear Support,

I'm working on RSA Authentication Manager 8.1. I would like to associate users to RADIUS Profile through "LinkPrincipalsToProfileCommand"web service API.



I retrieved the WSDL directly from my AM istance. I'm trying to invoke the exposed services through SOAP client (SoapUI).

The WSDL exposes a single "ExecuteCommand" operation, that has two input elements:

  • in0: generic String. How do I achieve this field?

  • in1: which identifies the API to invoke "LinkPrincipalsToProfileCommand", which has the following input parameters:
    • identitySourceGUID;
    • principalGUIDS
    • profileGUID;
    • securityDomainGUID.


Which WebService request I should use in order to valorise the four parameter above mentioned?


Thanks so much for your collaboration.

Kind regards

Andrea Saldamarco