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SQL NODE in Workflow is not resolving the attributes correctly

Question asked by Madhuri Cinthaparthi on Oct 5, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2016 by Pooja Mehta

The Sql Node in RSA Workflow is excuting corretly for few users and for few users it is not.Kindly help in resolving he same.

The Query am trying to run is:

SELECT CUS_ATTR_USER_CAS_12 as costCenter,
'${access_request_cri_meu_CUS_ATTR_USER_CAS_2}' as managerID,
'${access_request_cri_meu_CUS_ATTR_USER_CAS_6}' as userID,
CUS_ATTR_USER_CAS_4 as wrktype
FROM avuser.T_Master_Enterprise_Users
WHERE USER_ID ='${access_request_cri_meu_CUS_ATTR_USER_CAS_6}'

Your help is much appreciated.