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Enforcement of roles during access request

Question asked by Pankaj Dabral on Oct 12, 2016
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I am trying to enforce roles at access request.


I have technical roles for one application where each role has one entitlement and each role has membership rule also which is department id.


Now, I configured an access request form of type "Application" for one particular application for which i have the technical role and want to enforce a check that user should be able to request access only if the membership rule matches.  I have below two cases:


1) If the requester matches the membership rule, then he should be able to request the access.

2) If the requester doesn't match the membership rule, then either there should be warning on the screen which shows that requester doesn't match the membership rule and still allows him to request the role or requester should not be allowed to request the role since he doesn't match the membership rule.

I tried changing the roleset policy but its not working.

Please help.