David Poirier

How to match GUID to the SA Appliance Hostname

Discussion created by David Poirier Employee on Oct 12, 2016

In some circumstances you may want to verify your GUID with an actual hostname. This command when run on the SA Server will identify any server that may need to be provisioned.


This command is for the SA Server:


# for i in `echo 'db.nodes.find().toArray()' |mongo puppet |grep "\"node\""|cut -d " " -f 3 |awk -F"\"" '{print $2}'`; do echo "Getting hostname for $i"; echo "`mco inventory $i`" |grep hostname; echo ""; done



Getting hostname for 6ce79c58-c079-4559-a1bf-321070600e34
      hostname => SA-Server

Getting hostname for b47d887b-5149-4348-b013-d147cc56db07
      hostname => RLC

Getting hostname for 9b871bbd-d63d-4e6a-9fd6-cc6520489289
      hostname => Concentrator

Getting hostname for 5f9b96bd-3814-4d77-a20f-fbbc359119df
Did not receive any results from node 5f9b96bd-3814-4d77-a20f-fbbc359119df


This will make me look at what I currently have for servers and go directly to the server that has not responded.