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Office 365 provisioning using custom form

Question asked by Rajkiran Paul on Oct 13, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2016 by Rajkiran Paul



 we  have 3 capabilities in our office 365  connector.

1)create mail box

2)remove mail box

3)add license to user.


we are collecting Office 365 account via office 365 account collector.There licenses are coming as a attribute of the account.Suppose user have 2 license or 1 license .The license are coming in a format {organization:license1,organization:license2} or {organization:license1} or {organization:license2}.


In side our form it is displaying  like  {organization:license1,organization:license2}  format. which is not correct.


so we are collecting license separately   from some csv file as a account collector.



now  how to provision user to office 365  using a form  where i can select  user &  license and is there any change in the default afx fulfillment????


please show me the whole process?