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How to intergrate RSA securID app with Microsoft InTune?

Question asked by pge45p1ajls4msbjnuduax1k3whcvdeuutodmri16gg= on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2020 by Mark DePalma

I am using the RSA securID app on my mobile phones. Platform on 1 phone is Android and on the other IOS.

Since I have migrated to using Office 365 including MFA it was required to configure InTune in order to have data-leakage prevention in place.


When I now want to reconfigure the token used this is sent by e-mail. However, Outlook is not allowed to share attachments with non-InTune managed apps.


The problem now is that RSA securID also needs to be configured as an InTune app.


As I understand this requires an SDK on the RSA securID side which then can be integrated with InTune, thereby making it possible to exchange/import RSA security information (tokens) from Outlook which is already managed by InTune?


Or do I have to follow the guide 'Microsoft_Office_365-RSASecurIDAccess_SAML_Implementation.pdf' to configure RSA app to accept O365 information?

Can anyone tell me how to get this in place?