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Issues with Rest AFX connector

Question asked by Anjan kumar kaleru on Oct 19, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2016 by Anjan kumar kaleru

Hi everyone.


I'm trying to do one de-provisioning integration using the REST API. For this I'm using Aveksa's OOTB restful API connector and selecting "remove entitlements from an account". Connector itself isn't working even though we passed everything correctly. we are using P09.

Did Contact RSA's engineering team and their response was "- the underlying 3rd party code that we use doesn't send the request body for DELETE requests. Typically a DELETE does not contain a request body. In the version we use in 6.9.1 - it only uses the request body for POST and PUT requests. In next version which we use in 7.0.0 and up, mule has added PATCH to the methods for which it sends the request body. "


So my question is, as we cannot use that connector anymore. what would be the alternative way to do the deprovisioning integration?