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Customizing Approval form with aveksa tag

Question asked by Marco Sannino on Oct 31, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2016 by Marco Sannino

Hello everyone,

I'm trying to achieve a strong customization in the Approval form. My goal is to let the approver modify the request, in particular he'd like to add some entitlements to the original request. I'm exploring some solutions and in particular i thought that the aveksa tag could help me. I'm referring to the customization explained in the "High Risk Level Approval" example workflow where this tag:

 <td class="inputvaluefld" align="left">
<aveksa:objectpicker type="User" return="id" instanceid="jobUserData_HighRiskApprover" />            

create a dynamic object into the Approval form where the approver has to select a user.

In a similar way i was thinking if an entitlements object exists in order to achieve my goal.

Also i'd like to know if some documentation on these customizations exists. Thanks in Advance.


Marco Sannino

Moviri SpA

Milan, Italy