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RSA Console tasks with Powershell

Question asked by R1BAFz6UN2sKqYJB9dDguc8PVGHv5xcB8kuEENvKWHQ= on Nov 2, 2016
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I am new on this forum and I have a question. We use in the Netherlands RSA Security tokens for our customers. They can choose for a Hardware or Software token. The most of them are using software tokens. We have many calls that the token is locked out and every day we must unlock the token from the RSA Security Console. I will use Powershell for this basic administrative tasks.


My question: is it possible to use Powershell to access the RSA Console to unlock tokens? I want to use Powershell because I will make a script that list a view user information about a particular user, like:

- what kind of token is used (software or hardware)

- is the token locked or unlocked

- and other information from Active Directory like: is the account locked, password expires and so on ...

From the script I will control basic tasks like I sad above


To list information with Powershell from Active Directory is not the issue, but to access RSA Console is for my the problem, so... Please help