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To what compression ratios do the different compression settings translate?

Question asked by Tomi Reiman on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2019 by Richard van den Berg

What compression ratios do the different levels of meta.compression.level and packet.compression.level effectively translate to with the different packet.compression and meta.compression values?


I.e. if we start from the situation where both meta.compression and packet.compression are set to "none", and we consider the storage requirement at this starting point at 100%, what are the effectively values for each meta.compression.level and packet.compression.level values for the different compression methods (gzip 1-9, bzip2 1-9, and lzma 1-9)?


I am in a position where I would like to avoid adding more storage to our log hybrids and to avoid adding an archiver. We will most likely reach a retention of about 9 months and we would like to stretch that all the way up to 24 months.