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How does AuthSDK find in tomcat context?

Question asked by mF1bqPBK1vmxoBgv5qngZZtR1BTZZF2H7BMGbtBJZbo= on Nov 3, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2016 by Sean Doyle

I am using the AuthSDK_Java_v8.6... in a web application packaged as a war file.

I have installed, configured and tested the PAM-Agent_v7. on the redhat server running tomcat6, and successfully authenticated using the "acetest" application that installs with that agent.


I am running into a problem in that the AuthSessionFactory.getInstance(); which I have as part of the HttpServlet.init() implementation is as expected not finding the sdconf.rec file in its standard location (/var/ace).  The proper fix for this is of course to use an file and configure the locations. 


My problem is that I don't know where I should put the file.  Should it go:
1) Somewhere within the war archive structure?

2) somewhere in the /usr/share/tomcat6 directory structure?

3) in /etc?

4) elsewhere?


If it gets located outside of the war file, what selinux tag should I tag the file?