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AFX OIM connector

Question asked by Pankaj Dabral on Nov 3, 2016
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I have below questions on OIM connector available with 7.0 version (patch 2)


1) I don't see OIM_R2 connector template. I can see OIM_R1 connector. Have the connectors been merged into OIM_R1 connector?


2) Though I have to use OIM_R2 connector which is not available, I tried using OIM_R1 connector and facing challenges with it:


I have OIM role based provisioning which is conjured in my OIM. So there is a method available under OIM_R1 connector which says "Add Role to user". If I test this method through test functionality available with the connector, I am able to provision OIM role to the user but I try to do the same through access request form, it doesn't call "Add Role to user" method and tries to call AddAppRoleTouser for which I see the error that "this method is not supported at endpoint".


I have a technical role R1 and which has AppRol1 of application A.

I have another technical Role R2 which doesn't have any approle or entitlement


Through access request form, I tried two things:


1) User tried requesting R1. It failed with error saying "AddAppRoleTouser" is not supported at end point.


2) User tried requesting R2 (Role without any ent or approle), this didn't even go to AFX. User was added to the role within the system but didn't go to AFX for provisioning.


My application approles are actually individual roles which I have configured in my system and I want users to request for approles and same approles should be provisioned as roles in OIM.



Can you please help me with this?