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IMG 6.9.1 What sets change state to Pending Verification?

Question asked by Andy Cheek on Nov 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 23, 2017 by Julian Di Pietrantonio

Our understanding of IMG access request workflows was that for collected applications you include a Wait for Verification node at the end of the process. This then waits until the requested change (add OR remove) is collected - only then will the changes be marked as Complete and the associated change request completed (assuming no other pending changes).


Question is - what is it in the workflow that changes the state of a change detail from Pending Action to Pending Verification? We want to identify changes that have gone through all the configured activity in the fulfilment workflow and are just waiting for the changes to be made on the endpoint application and collected back into IMG.


I understand the different states but how do changes get moved from one state to another? What is it that makes that change?