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RSA SecureId Software Token for Ipad

Question asked by i90zqahu8x9bwyqqik5rmbbuwbivhiswwgmrtokv004= on Nov 7, 2016
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  RSA SecureId Software Token App located on Apples App store will not download to an IPad.

The information given for the app says it is supported for both IPad and IPhone (will download to an IPhone).

It also says you need IOS 8.0 and above which I have on my IPad ( I have a 8.x version).


If I download the app via iTunes to my windows machine and select the display iPhone apps only, it shows up but if I

Select display the iPad apps only, it does not.


My question is, is this supported on the iPad? If so did some just set the wrong flags when it was loaded to the apps store.

If it is not supported then your documentation is wrong.


I contacted Apple but they are of no help and suggested I contact RSA directly.