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Form Provisioning Command - When Fulfilled?

Question asked by Daniel Cinnamon Employee on Nov 7, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2016 by Marco Sannino

Hello everyone,


I haven't worked too much with the "Provisioning Command (Non-Visual)" global form controls as of yet, and I had a quick question.


Right now if you have one of these form variables- it will automatically add a nice change item to the request.  CreateGroup for example.  This change item gets associated with the fulfillment workflow with the application in question- which is great.


However- I can't quite tell exactly WHEN AFX is being called.  I was expecting it to be fulfilled during the AFX fulfillment handler (assuming a default AFX fulfillment workflow), but instead the fulfillment workflow immediately completes if the AFX command was successful.


This implies that the AFX fulfillment actually occurs sometime at the very beginning of the fulfillment phase- even before the application's fulfillment workflow is even fired off.


Does anyone know exactly where this occurs?  Perhaps in the "fulfillment phase" logic?