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How to call stored procedure in DB connector

Question asked by Hardik Modi on Nov 9, 2016
Latest reply on May 29, 2017 by Vijayabaskar Balakrishnan

we are having a generic database connector for SQL server. since we are using a lot more operations we went with generic DB connector.


During the create account operation my stored procedure is failing, with error message,

Error code = -1 The index 1 is out of range.


syntax i am using to call stored procedure is, 


CALL [dbo].[JE_SaveUser] (UserId = '${UserId}', UserName = '${UserName}', RoleId = '${RoleId}', ApprovalLevel = '${ApprovalLevel}', Status = '${Status}', CompanyIds = '${CompanyIds}', LoginUserId =  '${LoginUserId}', Email = '${Email}', EntityId = '${EntityId}' )


this stored procedure works fine, outside of connector.


any pointers would be greatly appreciated.RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Client/Partner Community#afx, #img,#via