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Data reconciliation - Close to Real time

Question asked by Venkata Palakaveeti on Nov 15, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2017 by Boris Lekumovich

Hi Team,


One of my client has a requirement where we need to sync data almost at a real time. We are getting a csv file from the applications.

1. If any user requests the access

2. VIA provisions the same using the webservice and gets a success response

3. Actually as per RSA VIA functionality it will wait for the collection to complete for close the change request, which will happen in my case in the mid night.

4. But after few mins/hours of successful provision of access, if the user runs a report or a review in VIA the new access for that user will not be shown (as only the collection happens in the mid night)


Unfortunately this is not meeting the client expectation -- the client expects VIA to be intelligent enough to capture that change which is process by VIA itself in the system without waiting for the collection and show the same in either report or review. 


To resolve this either we can

1. increase the frequency of collection or

2. update accounts/entitlements/approle tables of AVDB schema by a executing SP after getting the success message from the webservice. The second option is not sure what will be effected if we directly update the tables.


Kindly suggest the best method to bring VIA close to the real time synchronization with the target systems. (Also, point to consider is that we cannot ask the target application team to generate full csv file multiple times a day)




V S Phanindra Kumar P.