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Reports of enVision data from SA?

Discussion created by Deepanshu Sood on Nov 22, 2016
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Hello All,


There is an concern from the customer for migration part from enVision to SA.


I have an urgent requirement for understanding that how we can access the data which are lying on enVision servers, like now the customer is moving their environment from enVision to Security Analytics.

So as the customer is an compliant , so now there requirement is, that is there any method to get the data of any device type or device ip from there envision server for around 1 year.


There requirements are that they can fetch the raw logs also & along with their customized reports & some compliance reports as well.


So what I got to know from my experience that fetching the reports on old data (envison) by IPDB extractor service is actually doesn't worked, as it's mentioned on the documentation front.


So just wondering that is there any other way from which we can get the data from enVision server from the GUI of Security Analytics server  or from any other way also.


Kindly suggest.


It's an very urgent & important requirement.



Deepanshu Sood.