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Multi Account Change Request

Question asked by Marco Sannino on Nov 23, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2017 by Marco Sannino

Hello everyone,

I've searched in all the community and i found some similar question but not the exactly question i'm going to ask.

First of all i desribe the use case i'm trying to implement. We have 1 user with multiple account collected by the same collector and we have a set of elegible entitlements collected by the same collector. A possible situation can be:






Even if this situation is completely supported by Via (and also the concept to add entitlement to account instead of granting the entitlement to user is supported as i can see it as part of the change request web service) i'm not able to develop a request form that can handle this scenario. In particular when i create an Entitlement Table it is referred to the user entitlement and eventually to the account the user's got. According to this, if i'm in the situation in which the user has only the ENT1 from ACCOUNT1 and ENT2 from ACCOUNT1 via the entitlement table is not possible to request the addition of ENT1 to the ACCOUNT2 because it's seen as a remove of that account. Any idea?

Hope to be clear


Thanks in advance,


Marco Sannino

Moviri SpA

Milan, Italy