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How can I replace my current SecurID 130 appliances with new ones

Question asked by Hennie Havenga on Nov 28, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 28, 2016 by Edward Davis

Hi Guys, can anyone point me in the correct direction, we have a primary and secondary (replication partner) RSA SecurID 130 appliances both running Authentication Manager , now both of these units are out of warrant so we purchased new ones along with new licenses etc. 


How would one go to replace them, I was thinking the following way:

1. Shut down the old replication partner,

2. Setup a new unit as the new replication partner

3. Down the old primary appliance and set the new replication unit as the primary.

4. Setup another new unit and set it to the new replication partner/secondary unit.


Would it be that easy or does someone else have a better/right way of doing this?


Thanks in advance