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How to add a Provisioning node In Default Fulfillment Workflow

Question asked by Rajkiran Paul on Nov 29, 2016

Hi Experts,

Please consider the following scenario:

1) we want to create account in office 365 application as a birth right.As of now we are doing it using a rule where we are giving one entitlement .This is working fine and successfully we can able to create the account.

2)The problem is here.We want to assign at least one license based on some attribute (example: user Level in organization ,or user  job title)as part of birthright provisioning.But license is not a entitlement in RSA L&G  Via Access 7. So we took some different approach.We will copy the default AFX fulfillment workflow and will create a new fulfillment work flow.   There we want to add one provisioning node(add license) and one SQL select  node where we will get the license based on the condition.


Please explain how to do this.I mean how to add a  provisioning node .Do i have to delete ant thing from default afx fulfilment workflow if a create a new one coping this same.Please provide some screenshots.