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How to use AFX output parameter for JavaCodeBase Connector

Question asked by Lakshman Varadharajan on Nov 29, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 28, 2017 by Ashish Joshi

Verison 691 P18


I wanted to use the AFX output parameter for my JavaCodeBase connector.  Is it possible ?


What i want to do is



 start --> provisioning command --> 'SQL code to get the responseCode'-->Decision-->stop

I want to try something like above workflow

Provisioning command 'Wait for result' helps, but i does not tells me the actual response code/message from the system.


My AFX when success  it returns 'OK' message. ( This OK message i can see when i use the  getresponseCode() method in my java code)


So how can  i get this response code message 'OK' and read into my above workflow as variable so that i can do decision based on the response. Any help in this is really appreciated.