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Auto-Add Windows Event Sources - addWindowsSources.py

Discussion created by Timothy Underhay on Nov 30, 2016
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Date:       30 November, 2016

From:      Tim Underhay (tim.underhay@knowledgekta.com)

To:           All Owners of NetWitness and SA for Logs

Subject:  New Solution - Auto-Add Windows Event Sources - addWindowsSources.py


Dear NetWitness for Logs Customers,


Have you ever been frustrated by the lack of a tool with the capability of being scheduled to automatically import your Windows WinRM event sources into your Log Collector from a CSV file?  Tired of having to do it from the web UI, and manually?  Allow us to ease your burden a bit.


You are hereby invited to download our bespoke tool for curing this administrative headache, simply named addWindowsSources.py.  There is no charge for this tool, and feedback is very welcome.


Here's to more hunting, and less babysitting!


Link To Updated Solution


Tim Underhay

Kensington Technology Associates



P.S.  Please also check out our newest free solution for exporting event sources from AD!