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Register and activate Netwitness Investigator as freeware over web proxy server?

Question asked by Thomas Loehner on Dec 2, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Scott Moore


I would like to use the NetWitness Investigator as freeware.

After installing NetWitness Investigator 10.6, I tried to activate Investigator as freeware.

So I filled out the freeware registration form in the start dialog of the Investigator and pressed the submit button. Then I got an error "Connection can not be established..."

The reason is than the Investigator client tries to directly connect to " []" for registration.

Unfortunately my only internet connection is a dedicated (non-transparent) web proxy. Where can I enter the ip address and tcp port of our web proxy in the the Investigator client to fulfill the freeware registration and activation with " []"?

Please help

Thank you!