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Su :  Cannot set user id : Resource temporarily unavailable

Question asked by Sabthami S on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Tim Willemstein

Hi All,


I have performed a upgrade from Aveksa 7.0.0 to Aveksa 7.0.1 after the upgrade I am facing the  error like("Su :  Cannot set user id : Resource temporarily unavailable") mentioned in the below screenshot when i'm trying to restart the server.I have tried setting the limit to higher value but no luck.When I check the status of the application its showing as running and I can access the same through browser.


And also the few of the collectors are getting failed with unknown error code not sure whether it's happening because of this.If anyone have faced the same kind of issue please let me know your inputs.


Many thanks !





Note : Attached the recent server log extracted with debug mode ON for more reference.



Sabthami Subramanian