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Custom Meta Keys not showing up

Question asked by Robert Nipper on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 7, 2016 by John Snider

i have created a custom meta key using the following format


<key description="SOC OPS" level="IndexKeys" format="Text" name="soc.ops"/>


I pushed the updated index-concentrator-custom.xml file to our other 3 concentrators and restarted the service on each appliance. The meta key is not showing up, its not an option to even select it under the manage custom meta groups >add meta key. Also I changed  a separate key from a IndexKeys to IndexValues on the same concentrator and applied and restarted. I was able to search the whole range of options when using the drill search on the meta key. I pushed this out to the other conenctrators and it did not change and it did not change on the broker appliance either. There are no error codes to point to a starting point of the problem. Is there somewhere i can check to figure out why the meta key is not showing up? or is this something I need to open a case with support, thanks