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Only one user unable to login

Question asked by Devika Sunil on Dec 8, 2016

Only one user in a group is unable to login. The user has been collected using the associated identity collector and test login works fine. However, when the user logs in to the actual page, the following error is logged and user gets Invalid Username/Password error. AveksaAdmin is able to login from the same computer as the user.


Failed to audit event [ClientIP-<ClientIP>][ClientIPPath-null][ClientType-UI][ClientToken-null][ClientIdentity-][MeuId-null][ServerIP-<ServerIP>][Event-LOGIN][EventAction-FAIL][Severity-Warning][ObjectType-null][ObjectIdentifier-null][ObjectName-null][AdditionalInfo-{LoginUserSessionId=<SessionID>, LoginFailureAttempt=} for the plugin com.aveksa.server.audit.InternalAuditPlugin


What is the possible cause of this error?