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Unable to connect to database ; aborting installing

Question asked by aTDtQ3lFGaGlYezcKEgKtZpXqhAG4gYENyWqwV5LTY8= on Dec 11, 2016

Hi ,

I have tried installing RSA VIA 7.0 where initially i got the error message stating "Unable to connect to database;aborting installation . please refer aveksa-install(1).log file for reference

I have followed this link

000032828 - RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle installation fails with the following error:  <install directory path>/staging/deploy/create_avdb/../../database/ Permission denied 

and changes the oracle userid and groupid of oinstall to 500 i have followed the steps in the above link and tried installing again now am getting java exception error .

Kindly review the file aveksa-install(2).log file 

Please review the files and give the possible solution to troubleshoot the error.